Dust of Soul: “It’s about respect, passion and love”

What if the scheme of life were to be reversed? What if all was about respect, passion and love? You find it hard to imagine? Yet this is what characterized the evening of Saturday, March 1, at hotel Concorde Les Berges du Lac.

Dust of Soul, at the Hotel Concorde, Les Berges du Lac.
Dust of Soul, at the Hotel Concorde, Les Berges du Lac.

For nearly two hours, the audience had the great pleasure of attending the concert of the talented Swiss duo: Dust of Soul. The duo consists of the singer, songwriter, and composer Saskia Stäuble (aka Dusty), with the pianist and composer Michael Odermatt (aka Mikey). They did not set their music genre, which differentiates itself by soul and classical tones, but whatever it is, one thing is sure: their music is amazing.

The concert was beautifully conducted. Talent, fans, and a nice atmosphere were gathered for everyone to have a wonderful time. We were particularly touched by their special stage presence. An incredible aura of passion and ardor surrounds them. We felt that they sing and play from all their hearts and give their best to spread joy. The public has welcomed each song with a round of thunderous applause. The duo even reserved a bouquet of white tulips, symbol of pure and idealized love, to the attention of their audience. It was distributed gradually by Dusty when she sang. The biggest share was given at the very end of the performance, during the song “Thankful, revealing the significant attention they pay to their fans.

Furthermore, the selection of songs from their repertoire was judicious; including the first live of the song “Heart”, written especially in demonstration of their love for Tunisia. The song “Believe” also caught our attention, with its particularly moving and motivating words: “believe in you, believe in your world without tears, believe in your heart without fears”. The last song, meticulously chosen, was “Thankful”, an ode to their faithful fans, highlighted by their floral gifts. It was a feast for music lovers and souls in search of distinguished treats.

mikey and dustyIn fact, the duo takes us into a dimension where the artist is a dream-maker, a magician, a storyteller. They tell the story of a world free from fears, free from judgment, and free from barriers. They magically make resonating in us the prodigious projection of what might have been our life without limitations, whether imposed on us or personally set up. They bring us back to the time of all the possibilities, the time of our childhood, where projects have no boundaries and expectations are not yet disappointed. Through listening to their songs, we come to imagine this world and to believe in our most improbable dreams. The inner child in us just wishes to say in return “thank you”. Thank you dear Dusty and Mickey for this great momentum of motivation you instilled us.

For the curious reader wanting to discover more about these great artists, here is the link to their previous performance video in Tunisia, at Acropolium de Carthage. Here is another link to a video of one of their performances in New York City. You can follow them on their facebook page for more information.

Finally, The Pulse magazine team had the honor of interviewing them before the concert and to plan with them a future event. So follow us as well on this page to be aware of the latest updates, and remember: follow the beats of your heart, follow The Pulse.

By Linda Tissaoui11


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